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Spool Design, In Line Mounting

Three position spool valves are used mostly to position cylinders. Valves with all ports open in the center position allow the cylinder piston rod to move freely, while valves with all ports closed in the center position will hold the cylinder in the desired position when no pilot pressure is present. A third type keeps line pressure on both sides of the cylinder piston.

Pneumatically actuated spool valves are available in 1/8 and 1/4 port sizes and require a minimum of 35 PSI operating pressure. Valves can be mounted with through body holes or assembled on manifolds.

Pilot port size (for actuation): 1/8 for all size valves.

Operating pressure range 35 to 145 PSI. Actuation force (pilot pressure): 35 PSI minimum.

Mounting via 4 through body holes 3/16? Dia.

For valve specifications see appendix. See accessory section for manifolds if required. For detail dimensions contact factory.

DescriptionDouble Air Pilot Working ports 2-4 pressurized in center position.
Port Type1/8 NPT Ports (USA Std.)
Orifice0.236 in.

6 mm

Body No.8S
Length4 1/4 in.
Width1 1/8 in.
Height1 5/8 in.
Operating Pressure Range35 to 145 psi
Body Mounting Hole3/16 in.
Flow @ 45 PSI17.6 SCFM
Flow @ 90 PSI31.7 SCFM
Flow @ 145 PSI51.5 SCFM
Flow @ 3 Bar500 lpm
Flow @ 6 Bar900 lpm
Flow @ 10 Bar1460 lpm

Intended Use-?Series 75 and 76 valves are intended for general purpose industrial applications utilizing normal shop air supply systems. For special applications with other media or other environments, contact Kuhnke.

Media-?Compressed air or other neutral gases, properly filtered. For applications on liquids contact Kuhnke.

Lubrication-?Valves operate on lubricated or non-lubricated systems. After using components in a lubricated system, do not switch to an un lubricated system. Avoid over lubrication.

Vacuum Applications-?Spool Valve designs can be applied on vacuum systems. For applications using poppet valves, use only specially assembled valves shown in the catalog.

Dimensions and Design Changes-?All dimensions in this catalog are approximate, if necessary, detailed drawings can be obtained from Kuhnke or from one of the Kuhnke websites. Dimensions, valve design and materials are subject to change without notice.

Metric and NPT threads-?Although similar in size, valve port threads in metric ported valves are different from NPT versions. NPT versions have a tapered thread that is used to form a seal with the fitting thread. Metric thread is straight, and the seal is provided by an o-ring or washer normally included with the connection fitting. Metric fittings can be used on NPT threaded valves, but NPT fittings cannot be used on metric threaded valves.

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