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The 54 Series timer is a totally pneumatic device with ? 1% repeatability. Timing is fully adjustable throughout the timing range by a knob on the front dial face. The standard timer is equipped with a special 4 way valve which provides for on or off delay timing (depending on plumbing connections). The front dial displays set time and the time remaining in the cycle.

The operation of the timer depends on the input of a separate control signal. The control signal drives a regulated air motor and gear chain to provide accurate timing regardless of control air pressure fluctuation. The timer resets automatically (approx. 200 ms) after removal of control pressure signal.

A special version of the timer includes a rotor stop option which allows for an external valve to be added to permit a “count down on hold” function.

The 54 Series timer is self-contained in a panel mounted lexan case with a front timing adjustment knob. Connections are made at the rear of the timer. Spring clips are used to panel mount the unit.

TypeStandard Timer
Timing Range3 to 100 hrs.
Operating Pressure Range0 to 145 psi
Control Pressure20 to 145 psi non-lubricated air
Output Valve4 way (5 ported)

Cv – 0.13

Flow – 7 CFM at 100 psi

Orifice size – 2mm

Connection10-32 (M5) ports
MediaFiltered air or gas.


IndicatorsDisplays set time and time remaining before valve actuation
Time SettingVia front dial knob. Adjustable throughout timing range
Accuracy of Setting? 2%
Repeatability? 1% of end scale value
OperationIndependent regulated air motor. Air consumption 0.35 CFM. Output air piloted 4 way valve.
ResetAutomatic – by removal of control pressure.
Reset Time200 ms.
Timing SequenceOn delay or off delay depending on valve connections.
Operating Ambient0 to +60 ?C

32 to 140 ?F

MaterialsLexan Case

Cast Aluminum Rear Housing

Nylon, Brass

Stainless Alloy Mechanism

Faceplate Dimensions2 13/16 in?
Behind Panel Depth4 3/8 in.
Behind Panel Height2 5/8 in.
Behind Panel Width2 5/8 in.
Panel Cutout2 5/8 in?
MountingSpring clips
Port IdentificationPort 12 – Control input signal (on timer body).


1 – System air supply

2 – Valve output “off delay connection”

3 – Exhaust for port 2

4 – Valve output “on delay connection”

5 – Exhaust for port 4

Replacement PartsControl port input filter 72754500-00

Output valve 54530

Rotor Stop Option (Countdown on Hold)A rotor stop option is available to override the timing action or to hold the timer valve in its switched position after the timer has completed its cycle, and signal pressure is removed. Option provides 2 additional rear ports connected via tube, which allows valves or other logic devices to be spliced into the internal circuit between the pilot signal regulator and rotor assembly.

For holding timer valve in its switched position or to place “timing on hold”, an external 3 way valve (NO)can be used to block the flow to the air motor(connected between rotor stop ports 1-2). If timing on hold is desired, the pilot signal must remain on throughout the entire cycle.

Power ConnectionsFor installations requiring larger valves, use the standard timer and connect a pneumatically operated single air piloted 3 or 4 way valve of the size required to the timer output. Contact factory with size requirements.
Typical CircuitsSee typical timing circuit diagrams at the end of the timer catalog section for help in constructing pneumatic timer circuits.
DiagramsTimer output valve is 4 way, 5 ported with 10-32 (M5) connections. Valves are supplied from factory blocked with a cap nut (port 4) for 3 way off delay. For on delay, move cap nut to port 2. For full 4 way operation remove nut.
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